Air Bag Jackets

We sell airbag jackets for both motorcycle and equestrian riders. Airbag jackets can save your life and are one of the most innovative and critical safety products a rider can wear. I speak from personal experience, it saved me from life-changing injuries from a devastating bike crash on the race track.

A helmet only goes so far in protecting a rider. Being forcibly disconnected from your bike or horse is every rider's worst nightmare, and in that split second, an airbag jacket deploying can make the difference between walking away from a crash, or being wheeled away on a stretcher. A SaferMoto airbag jacket is what you need to reduce the risk of serious injury or death. All of our products include the new High Speed Keybox.

An airbag jacket is exactly what it sounds like, a jacket equipped with strategically positioned air-driven protection systems that are triggered by a key mechanism attached to your bike. Imagine a paratrooper whose parachute tether line is attached to the aircraft, so when he jumps, his parachute is automatically deployed. When you wear and airbag jacket riding a bike or a horse and are thrown off it or for whatever reason lose contact, the airbag jacket is triggered and inflates within milliseconds while you are still in the air and before you hit the ground... hard. It's based on the same technology a car's airbag deployment system utilizes; a CO2 cartridge. But unlike a car's airbag system, a new CO2 Cartridge is all you need to repack and reset the airbag jacket to use again after it's deployed. And unlike a car airbag system, it's safe.

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